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Knowing what's available and appropriate regarding custom technology solutions can be a serious challenge to many businesses. Our primary motivation at jgs-technical is to build cost-effective solutions that work for small businesses.


Internet and Web Development

Jgs-technical specializes in the development of serious web applications. The difference between a website and a web application is that a web application does something beyond informing and projecting an image. The web can be more than just another billboard. Much more.

Wireless Handheld Solutions

Handheld devices have matured quickly within the last two years. Many businesses can realize significant gains in efficiency by utilizing these devices in certain aspects of their day-to-day operations.



Hardware and Software Systems

As computing technology progresses, more and more innovative products are entering the market. Often finding the right product for a particular problem is a significant hurdle. Making the right choices requires continuous research and evaluation of the current market and upcoming trends.


Business Systems Integration

With all of the innovative technology products becoming available at such a rapid pace to the small business market, it's no wonder many businesses aren't taking advantage of them. Possibly even more pressing though, is that many businesses do not know how to integrate the various packages they are currently using in to one integrated and cohesive system.