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The development of innovative and practical software/hardware products for niche markets is a major goal at jgs-technical. Below are some of the product ideas currently being researched.

Product Ideas

  • - Flight Regression
  • - Shoofly
  • - Digital Gear

Research & Development

"Flight Regression " - Aircraft Accident Presentation

Flight Regression is a suite of products and services for analyzing and presenting aircraft accident data. We have been working with expert accident investigators to develop highly graphical and intuitive presentations of the data relevant to an aircraft accident. Our website overviewing the services we are providing, including downloadable examples of the types of presentations that we have produced, is viewable at www.flightregression.com.



"Shoofly" - Management Software for Airport FBOs

Shoofly is a Fixed-Based-Operator (FBO) software package for small to medium airport operators that rent airplanes, provide training, sell aviation fuel, provide air charter, and other similar services. We have not yet decided if this product idea is commercially viable. An example potential competitor can be seen at www.myfbo.com.



"Digital Gear" - Systems for Car Performance Monitoring

Digital Gear is a product line centered around a very graphical, in-car, display system for monitoring various aspects of a car's performance. The system can be installed on a laptop, or it can be run on an embedded system with an integrated touch screen LCD mounted inside the car. A data link cable ties the system into the car's generic computer monitoring bus, OBD-II; a standard data interface on all cars built after 1996. The practicality of the graphical displays is secondary to the 'cool' factor. Generic automative computer monitoring software and hardware is available, but they do not provide for eye-candy. We have done some initial prototype work on this idea, but have not yet decided if it is commercially viable.


An example of a computer hardware interface to the OBD-II port can be viewed and purchased at www.digimoto.com. Example computers and displays suited to in-car use are viewable on the www.mp3car.com/store website. Our product idea would be an integration of these types of components along with custom software.



Research and Development

We are always researching and experimenting with new technologies and ideas. A few of our more interesting and recent R&D projects are available in the links on the left of this page.