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News and other items of interest for those having some interest in jgs-technical.


July 17th, , 2006

A new version of my remotely controlled servo pan/tilt web camera is up and working.


February 15th, , 2006

A website/venture that I'm involved in is now online: Rooftop Comedy. Some of the material really is funny. Some of it really isn't.


January, 20th, 2006

I just finished another update to the www.weardated.com website. For the first time ever, you can search carpet using the actual color values. Before, the search was primarily based on predefined color families. I wrote a color sampling utility to scan each of the 3000+ carpet images and generate the actual color information for the DB so it could be searched on. Sampling images turned out to be a lot easier in .NET than I expected.


December, 18th, 2005

A creative friend of mine had an interesting concept idea for a logo. The logo is to be for a non-profit organization specializing in the future. They are known as futurists and people pay them to think about trends. They are based in Hawaii. Nice job. Anyways, the concept was for the logo to be based on a set of diverging lines. The lines would actually be somewhat random and different on each piece (or type) of stationary, letterhead, powerpoint, website page, etc. My friend had a concept image drawn in photoshop. He sent it out to a list of developers he knew with a challenge to see what could be done. I decided to make it interactive.

Here it is: Flash Curves #3. I think it was a success...hopefully I'll see it on some future correspondence.


September 27th, 2005

A recent project that I've semi completed is a custom Media PC. Kind-of like a Tivo or Microsoft Media Center, but much better. It doesn't look like a computer and sits in the entertainment center. Silverstone makes the case that I used.

I'll post pictures soon. It turned out well. Ironically, I almost never watch TV. But, it does hold a lot of Dora-the-Explorer and Blues Clues shows.

Media PC software applications that I would recommend: MythTV, Media Portal and BeyondTV.

Looks like I finally have a reason to buy an HDTV.



July 8th, 2004

Over the past year, I've been working on software and techniques to assist aircraft accident investigators; especially with regards to accurate presentation of relevant data to non-experts. A small website showing examples of the types of presentations that I have produced is viewable at www.flightregression.com.



June 10th, 2004

The deployment of a system I've been working on for quite some time has just been completed at the Carpets-of-Dalton store near Atlanta, Georgia. The in-store component of the system consists of a networked 52" plasma display screen and a 17" LCD Touchscreen. Customers use a graphical UI on the touchscreen to browse in-store carpet inventory and can see actual carpet rendered photorealistically into selectable rooms. The photorealistic rendering of actual carpet sample imagery into photographs is really something to see and required some significant technical innovation.

Online customers will also soon be able to use the www.wear-dated.com website to do similar activities. Favorite room and carpet combinations can be saved and loaded. The system is "multi-channel" aware, meaning that customers are able to save and load items in the store OR online.

This project was done by IconMedialab - St. Louis. I originally started on the project a few years ago while an employee at IML. However, the majority of the implementation was done as an independent software developer. My roles were lead technology architect, Flash MX programmer, database programmer, and lead backend (.NET) programmer. I even got to play with RFID.


November 1st, 2003

I am now working full-time as an independent software/systems developer, and "JGS Technical LLC" has been registered as an official business entity. What does this mean? It means that year-end taxes are going to be even more fun than they already are.



June 16th, 2003

The research and development section is now online. Check it out under the Products section of this website. In particular, check out the online Flash Colorization Demo.



May 22nd, 2003

We'll be adding a research-and-development section to the website soon. Look for a robotic servo controller, online colorization tools, and a few other interesting ideas currently being worked on.



May 21st,2002

Based on popular consensus, jgs-technical is focusing on two different product development ideas for further research at this time.

The most promising idea currently, is to develop a scheduling and business software/services package for small airport operators. (aka Fixed-Base-Operators or FBOs). The software would allow online scheduling of airplane rentals, instructor scheduling, maintenance schedules, and more. A number of variations and product options are available with this idea. A number of competitors exist already, but most do not have all features, and more importantly, most do not have an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface.

A more detailed description of the FBO idea and other product ideas are located in the Products section of this site.



May 12th, 2002

Today, jgstechnical.com went live, amid much controversy. Not really...but it did go live.